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Water damage can quickly cause mold growth in your home or business. Certain types of mold as well as excess mold growth can cause health concerns. It is critical to protect your health and protect your property by addressing the issue as soon as possible by having trained professionals assess the suspected mold growth, provide mold testing / indoor air quality testing, create a secure mold containment area, and provide mold removal. The reconstruction is performed upon completion of the mold remediation.

At EHS Restoration we are aware of the health, safety and liability factors associated with any type of remediation along with how time sensitive these projects are. EHS Restoration is licensed and insured for your protection.


At EHS Restoration we specialize in Environmental Health and Safety. We are highly educated on the issues and liability factors associated with any type of remediation as well as how time sensitive these projects are. We have highly developed containment, construction, and removal techniques to comply with the EPA, OSHA, ADEQ, and IICRC Regulations. We do substantial assessment, take several moisture content measurements and are constantly analyzing and watching the entire removal process to make sure that an authorized approval is achieved.

When you experience these forms of losses; correct assessment, containment, removal, disposal and clearance techniques are very important. EHS Restoration has established a track record of respected and proven performances in the field of mold remediation that solidify our expertise and dedication for a safe and healthy environment for all our customers.


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