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The effects of fire and smoke damage are complex and can be very devastating to your residential or commercial property. Trained fire damage professionals should survey the loss site as soon as possible to assess the extent of the damages by the fire, smoke, soot, heat and moisture impacted building materials and contents. Toxic chemicals may be produced as the result of a fire through various parts of the construction materials such as solvents and glues in the structure.

We’re together with you every step of the way after a fire tragedy: from the original call we acquire to board up a home or organization, to your completed construction. Each of our specialists will work with you and your insurance company to quickly reinstate your property to it’s original (better) condition.


Smoke Damage

Extensive training and experience helps the fire restoration professionals at EHS Restoration determine how far the smoke and fire damage spread through your home or business. The complexity of property loss and destruction during a fire are due to the unique behavior of smoke. Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure and can penetrate within cavities of the structure and cause hidden damages and odor. Smoke flows around plumbing systems and uses the holes around the pipes to go from floor to floor. Smoke gets trapped in an surface with pores such as wood, carpet, furniture, walls, plastic and ceramics.

Smoke can stay in these objects for months despite your best cleaning efforts. Smoke damage restoration requires special procedures and equipment as well as specialized training. We take every precaution necessary and all steps needed to address your concerns and test the smoke to see which types of fire occurred. A fire restoration professional from EHS Restoration tests the soot during the inspection of the property to determine the full extent of the fire damage and the scope of needed restoration, cleaning and repairs. Pre-testing is very important to help determine the type of smoke damage as well as what can be restored as well as what needs to be replaced. It also helps determine which cleaning procedures will be the most effective for your loss.

Types of soot include

  • Wet Smoke Residues – sticky, smeary residues with pungent odors are caused by smoldering fires with low heat.
  • Dry Smoke Residues – dry, powdery, non-smeary smoke particles are caused by fast burning fires at high temperatures.
  • Protein Residues – virtually invisible residues with a very pungent odor.
  • Fuel Oil Soot – furnace puff backs.
  • Other types of residue – this includes fire extinguisher residues, fingerprint powder and tear gas.

Always remember that immediate action is very important to minimize the health and safety hazards and reduce the amount of fire-related damages to your property. The expertise of the highly trained fire damage restoration professionals at EHS Restoration will help get you through the devastation you experience during a loss caused by fire, smoke, and soot as quickly as possible.

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