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Flood Cleanup Phoenix
Of all the possible disasters that can affect a home, flood damage is quite possibly the worst. Fire, tornado, earthquakes – all of these carry a sense of “clean” destruction. You can see the cracks, the breaks, the sections destroyed and those intact.

But a flood is insidious. It doesn’t always destroy cleanly. It weakens, quietly and unobtrusively. What doesn’t get swept away becomes open to rot, mold and even termites. We at EHS Restoration have been serving the Phoenix area for years and we know how to deal with flood damage.

Elevation is Key

The single best quality to help minimize flood damage is to be on elevated ground, whether that’s the foundation of the home or your home electronics.  Admittedly, particularly bad floods can reach even the most well placed items or highest homes, but such floods are rare. It’s the smaller ones, ones that maybe only reach ankle height, which you have to worry about.

Also keep in mind that furniture likely may have to be restored or even replaced, owing to their contact with the floor. Likewise, carpet and vinyl flooring will need to be replaced, wood flooring may need to be replaced and tile and slate will need to be cleaned.

Electrical Considerations

Because electrical outlets are usually close to the floor, you don’t want to be testing them out after a flood by plugging something in and flipping the switch.  If it’s obvious that some outlets were inundated during the flood, get an electrician to check things out before restoring power.

You may want to enlist an electrician even if it’s not obvious, as house wiring may be running behind the walls further down. As far as home electronics, you’ll need to get those dried out and cleaned, or replaced if you can’t crack open the casing.

Health Hazards

Flood damage can open the way to a host of health hazards along with structural problems. Water-damaged wood is highly attractive for termites. Floodwaters mixing with outflow from ruptured sewer lines can bring about all manner of possible infectious diseases. And houses that aren’t dried out quickly are at risk for mold. Emergency flood damage repair can be done, but it has to be done as soon as possible.

If you do happen to get hit with flood damage, give EHS Restoration a call at 480-306-5777 or fill out our online form, and we’ll get you the help you need, right away.