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Air Conditioning Leaks

At EHS Restoration, we know that when you find a central air conditioning leak it can lead to real damage. For this reason, it’s important to fix the problem and repair any home AC leak damage as soon as possible, before it grows worse.


Not to be confused with a leak, condensation is a natural reaction that occurs inside all AC units. An AC system pulls in warm air through the indoor vent and moves that air across the unit’s cold evaporator coil. This cools down the air and the process forms condensation on the evaporator coil. Typically, the condensation will then drip into a drain pain and then down a drain pipe which leads outside of the home.

If you have AC Leak Damage or Water Heater Leak Damage it’s important to fix ASAP, before it grows worse.  At EHS Restoration, we understand that every second counts. We offer a 60-minute response time guarantee to all businesses and residents in the greater Phoenix area.

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Air Conditioning
Leak Damage Cleanup

Leakage inside the home from the AC is much different than condensation. It could, however, be caused by a clogged drain line or rusted drain pan. If the line is clogged, water will drain slowly and a buildup could occur. That extra water can leak right into the home. In the summer, when it’s hotter and more humid, the AC runs more and liquid builds up quickly.

If this type of leak occurs, we can help remove the blockage with a special vacuum and have the home dry again in no time, with the AC draining correctly.

If the drain pan rusts through, the water will leak right through and cause not just a mess, but a dangerous electrical issue. We can replace the pan and let you know if there are other serious issues that need addressing.

Another cause for leakage is an improperly installed trap. If the trap is not installed correctly, it can block drainage and cause an overflow of water. We will take a look and see if the trap is installed correctly and let you know if it needs reinstallation.

Water Heater Leaks

A hot water heater leak can cause a great deal of water damage to a residence or business. Leaks can come from a multitude of locations, including but not limited to water pipe connections, valve systems, a drainage valve, or the hot water tank. If a water heater is leaking, immediate replacement or repair should be performed by a professional.


If you suspect your water heater may be leaking, we advise taking the following immediate precautions:

  • Turn off the water heater. For electric models, simply cut the breaker at the circuit breaker box that is powering the system. For gas powered models it should have an off switch or a dial that can be turned to an off position. Be sure to shut off the gas line as well.
  • Cut off the water supply. In extreme leak situations, the water should be shut off to reduce damage. This is done by closing the cold water shutoff valve. This will either be a lever or gate valve. Remember, only do this if it can be done without coming into contact with any water as water that has been heated can be hot enough to cause burns.
  • Call EHS Restoration. Water damage from a leaking water heater can be problematic in years to come if not repaired by a professional. Improper installation or repairs can result in injuries or further damage. Leave the repairs to our licensed, experienced experts.

EHS Restoration

At EHS Restoration, we understand that every second counts. That’s why we offer a 60-minute response time guarantee to all businesses and residents in the greater Phoenix area. Contact us if you’re home has been damage due to an any water leak.

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