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The structural integrity of your home is critical to your family’s safety and the prevention of serious damage to your home.

When beginning a remodeling project, you may find previous work that was done incorrectly. For example, removing studs in order to put in a doorway, or cutting top plates to plumb your new bathroom, or even removing walls to open up your floor plan without paying attention to the structure.

In these cases, structural repair becomes necessary in order to restore the integrity of your home.

Tearing down wall

If you suspect that your home may have structural issues, give EHS Restoration a call. EHS Restoration is a licensed restoration company in Mesa, AZ. We will come to your home and assess its structural integrity. If we find issues, we can perform the work necessary to restore your home’s structural integrity.


Repairing a building's structure

Load Bearing Walls

As the name implies, a load-bearing wall is engineered to safely carry the weight of your roof, second floor and overall structure of your home. It begins with a solid foundation. Occasionally, structural faults can be traced to issues with the foundation of the home.

For example, termite damage to the sills can create stresses that, if left un-repaired, can cause sagging in the floors, redistributing the weight of your home and causing stresses within the structure. In this instance it becomes necessary to perform foundation repair in order to restore your home’s structural integrity.

Structural Restoration in Phoenix

Before removing any wall, you should get advice from a structural engineer or local building inspector. Most cities and towns require this in order to receive a building permit. Failure to seek advice from a licensed professional can have devastating consequences and impact the safety of your home.

While it is possible to remove a load-bearing wall, you must redistribute the load through some other means, typically by installing a beam. Recognizing a load-bearing wall is critical before attempting any home improvements or remodeling.

Structural deficiencies can be repaired. If you are not sure if your home is structurally sound, or if you’ve begun a renovation project only to find a previous remodel did not address the structural integrity of your home, give EHS Restoration a call. We can handle all of your restoration needs.


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