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Many of us have put a saucer of vinegar in an inconspicuous corner of our living room, hoping to rid the area of a peculiar odor. That may work for a short time, for a small odor. But what do you do when you face a really strong, persistent odor?
The need for professional odor removal may not be frequent in your Phoenix home — we all hope not — but it’s important to know who to call when you need to call.

Your Professional Phoenix Odor Removal Company

EHS Restoration handles all types of odor removal challenges:
The used car that reeks of cigarette smoke and will not sell until the odor is cleared;

  • The real estate agent faced with a challenging, lingering odor in a home on the eve of an open house;
  • The new homeowners whose dream home has that indefinable scent of the previous owners’ cats;
  • The bank that assumed ownership of a badly neglected property;
  • The longtime Phoenix homeowners with a newly discovered mold and mildew odor from a leaky pipe.

Industrial Strength

EHS Restoration knows and applies industrial-strength solutions to residential problems. From one-time odor removal, such as the skunked pet who races through your home, to finding and rooting out odor-causing problems at their source, we can handle every situation, no matter how unpleasant.
We employ diverse, scientifically based techniques and tools to eliminate odors. From enzymes to ozone, from carbon filters to essential oils, the odor removal industry has answers to just about any odor:

  • Chemicals
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Animals
  • Crime scene
  • Smoke
  • Tobacco
  • Cooking
  • Remains
  • Septic and sewage

At EHS we have years of experience serving the Phoenix, AZ area for odor removal, water damage restoration and other “make it right” services.

What We Are Not

We are not exterminators, but we can help recover the serenity and calm of your Phoenix home after the exterminators remove a pest problem. We are not the fire department, but we can remove smoke odor from your home and belongings. We are not plumbers, but we can eliminate mold and mildew odors after a leak or flood.
We are experts in odor removal, no matter the source. We understand your issue may be embarrassing, but some odors can be unhealthy. We want to help you restore your Phoenix home to the splendor and fresh aroma you miss. Contact EHS Restoration and get back the home you love.


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